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Joker's Big Brother Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
10:50 AM PT10:45 AM Kaycee in KT folding her second headband. BB: Kaycee! Please go to the Diary Room. Kaycee: Sh*t! F*ck! Loud! Scared the f*ck out of me! BB: Sorry! Kaycee: (Indecipherable) -Scott3325
10:44 AM PT10:37 AM BB gives Tyler a personalized change battery announcement. Tyler up & to SR, changes battery, & back to Blue BR bed. Kaycee, in KT waiting for coffee to finish brewing, checks out tie dye clothing, picks out her headband, folds it & puts it back. -Scott3325
10:33 AM PT10:15 AM Kaycee stirring in Blue BR bed.
Kaycee appears to be holding right shoulder with left hand. Eyes are open.
Kaycee sits up, puts on socks & slippers, re-does hair bun, to SR & changes battery, puts on mic, KT for time check, WC, wash hands, Blue BR & puts on hoodie & headband, sits on bed, puts on shoes, sits & ponders.
Kaycee to KT & prepares coffee. -Scott3325
10:01 AM PT10:00 AM From sleepy HGs to Fish. 10:13 AM Feeds return to sleepy HGs in beds. BB change battery announcements. BB: Pretty please. -Scott3325
9:58 AM PT9:06 AM Main House lights go on. 9:24 AM JC up in Pink BR & puts his hat on, looks up at cam, to WC, wash hands, back to Pink BR center bed. Kaycee & Tyler quiet in Blue BR beds. -Scott3325
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