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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
9:39 PM PTMonte notes that Big Brother gave them alcohol tonight for no reason, it's nobody's birthday today or anything -third
9:38 PM PTMonte to Michael in HOH room: "She (Jasmine) always tries to phrase it like she had no control over Pooch getting out, but I know damn well she did" -third
9:22 PM PTFeed to jetsonBR with Indy showing Alyssa and the camera a chunk of hair that she says has “fallen out because of so much drama in this house.” -MosheMouse
9:20 PM PTKitchen topic discussion: all about wedding experiences. -MosheMouse
9:02 PM PTJetson BR: Alyss and Indy crying. Alyss over Kyle, Indy misses her family and friend.
Alyss and Indy both say it is pms and they are expecting periods soon. Alys says hers is expected in two days. -MosheMouse
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Big Brother USA News
BB News & Rumors Posts
Aug 7[Screen Rant] Big Brother 24: Week 5 Power Of Veto Results (Spoilers) - BBSuperfanLori
Aug 6[Screen Rant] Big Brother 24: Nicole Reveals She Asked Daniel Not To Confront Taylor - BBSuperfanLori
Aug 6[Cartermatt] Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Who won Veto (Otev), week 5? - AprilSky
Aug 6[Big Brother Network] Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results - AprilSky
Aug 6[Global TV] OTEV Comes Early For The Houseguests - WillRulz
Aug 6[ShowBiz CheatSheet] Big Brother 24’ Julie Chen Moonves Says She’s ‘Rooting’ for Kyle and Alyssa’s Relationship - AprilSky
Aug 6[US] EXCLUSIVE Big Brother 24’s Nicole Wants to ‘Rewatch’ Her Treatment of Taylor to Be ‘Able to Reflect’ After the Game: ‘I Can Grow From That’ - AprilSky
Aug 6[Screen Rant] Nicole Layog Reveals Her Big Brother Conspiracy Theory - BBSuperfanLori
Aug 6[Distractify] Daniel Backdoored His 'Big Brother 24' Ally and Now He Wants to Go Home - AprilSky
Aug 6[ShowBis CheatSheet] Big Brother 24’ Fans React to Taylor’s Speech to Nicole, ‘Savage Without Being Classless!’ - AprilSky
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BB Highlights Posts
Aug 6Michael/Brit won the Veto (NT) - binkie94
Aug 6Veto players are Michael/Brit, Monte/Joseph/Terrance and Turner/Jasmine (NT) - binkie94
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BB Alumni News Posts
Aug 6Kaitlyn: "Lets just take this in." >>> - Corndogger
Aug 3CBB1, Ex-NBA Star Metta World Peace Targets $1 Billion Investment Fund - Scott3325
Jul 28According to DX's stories on insta today (July 28) he & Claire are apartment hunting in LA! Wonder if she's still working remotely?! Looks like it's serious and she's all in on joining the LA dream - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
Jul 25Bridgette Dunning Baby - Scott3325
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BB Media Posts
Aug 7RHAP Sunday night - HES
Aug 7Taran's Sun morn feeds update - HES
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BB Canada discussion forum...

August 6, 2:59:30 PM to 3:00:00 PM (Cam 3/4) Saturday
Terrance & Jasmine Discuss Taylor's Game...
August 5, 4:36:05 AM to 4:37:50 AM (Cam 1/2/3/4) Friday
Turner pours water on Jasmine's muffins/cookies(?). Michael watches on HOH monitor.
August 4, 10:20PM (Cam 1/All) Thursday
After losing in "What are the Odds?", Terrance has to impersonate each person on the memory wall. *funny*
August 4, 1:29:00 PM to 1:31:05 PM (Cam 3/4) Thursday
Jasmine interrogates Kyle about Muffingate
August 4, 11:31:30 AM to 11:44:15 AM (Cam 3/4) Thursday
Muffingate Continues with Investigator Nicole on the Case
August 4, 11:01:55 AM to 11:09:12 AM (Cam 1/2) Thursday
Nicole makes her plea to Alyssa
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