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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
7:33 PM ET(Update contains to view)
12:58 PM ETThat's a wrap... -M3gabyt3
11:49 AM ETFeeds now say that's a wrap! :( -JSweetness
11:04 AM ETArissa just came on screen said with in minutes the F4 will become F3. Feeds go to eye spy -JSweetness
8:32 AM ET4:33am Dane gets into bed. Adam/Anthony/Kyra shown to be in bed too. -M3gabyt3
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Big Brother USA News
Posts in BB Highlights (MORE)
2/13/19Tamar won Celebrity Big Brother Season 2, with a 9-0 vote
2/12/19Lolo did not use the veto. NT
2/11/19Lolo won the Veto NT
Posts in BB News & Rumors (MORE)
5/20/19Prennial Summer Favorite “BIG BROTHER” Returns with a two-night premiere event Tuesday , June 25 and Wednesday, June 26, 8:00-9:00 PM
5/19/19Heath Luman: Big Brother fans: I’m helping with some charity fundraising efforts and have procured VIP tickets for auction. 4 pack of tickets available here
5/15/19Per CBS: Awaiting Decision: Celebrity Big Brother NT
5/15/19Big Brother 21 renewed, Julie Chen to return as host, per CBS announcement
5/03/19Julie Chen gets new look for the show.
3/19/19Baton Rouge, Louisiana Added to BB21 Casting Call List
3/13/19Victor, NY - Lubbock, TX - West Chester, PA Added to BB21 Casting Call List
2/26/19Kandi, Tom, & Kato got together - interesting info in this instagram post
Posts in BB Media (MORE)
5/04/19Big Brother Small World: Tyler Crispen sits with Jc Mounduix
4/25/19"Big Brother Small World: Faysal Shawn "Fessy" Shafaat In Studio with JC Mounduix!"
4/16/19Big Brother Small World: Rachel Swindler In Studio with JC Mounduix | AfterBuzz TV
4/16/19Big Brother Small World: Kaycee Clark sits with JC Mounduix | AfterBuzz TV
4/05/19Nolan Twins: Photoshoot BTS & Casting Vlog." They auditioned for a pilot of a reality show tentatively titled "Influencers" if I understood Juj correctly.
Posts in BB Alumni (MORE)
5/16/19Big Brother Meet & Greet Event with Fans at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
5/08/19'BIG BROTHER' CHRISTMAS ABBOTT COPS PLEA IN FELONY CASE ...No Jail for Car-Smashing Rampage........
5/07/19"Now What?!" 3/27 Podcast - Jess & Cody Open Up About Jess' Emergency C-Section
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