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Big Brother USA News
Posts in BB News & Rumors (MORE)
8/03/20'Big Brother' All-Stars Theme Revealed!
8/03/20[CBS] House tour...
8/03/20[CBSBigBrother] Take a sneak peek of the #BB22 house before Wednesday's LIVE move-in and cast reveal at 9/8c on @CBS!
8/03/20[US Weekly] Peek Inside the ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ House With This Tour of the Kitchen!
8/03/20Big Brother Rewind: Big Brother USA All-Stars
8/03/20[ETCanada - Video] Julie Chen Moonves Talks 'Big Brother All-Stars' | EXTENDED
7/31/20[] How Big Brother is getting back on the air in a pandemic
7/30/20Likely another rumor, but here's the cast according to Gold Derby:
7/30/20CBS: Live move in and HG reveal on August 5th
7/30/20WORD is that nicole "outted" dan and derrick for "teaming up" so SHE could get cast. Derrick posted he was NOT happy with her..and a lot of others are NOT either...also...
Posts in BB Media (MORE)
8/04/20Day 7: RHAP HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING: Previewing Enzo Palumbo and David Alexander as Big Brother All-Stars
8/03/20Danielle Reyes & Jason Guy - The Secret Alliance Podcast Episode 1
8/03/20Day 6: HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING: Previewing Nicole Anthony and Memphis Garrett as Big Brother All-Stars
Posts in BB Highlights (MORE)
8/03/20We Should All Just Admit That We Now Know That We Don't Know Anything
9/25/19Jackson won BB21 by a vote of 6-3. Nicole won America's Favorite Houseguest NT
9/25/19Jackson won Pt 3 and is the final HOH. He chose to evict Nicole NT
Posts in BB Alumni (MORE)
7/27/20Ppl say how Dani Keesha Aaryn Haleigh etc. are look-a-likes .. Kassting has a type ... I think their babies look alike too (3rd pic on Dani's)
Joker's Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
9:29 AM PT9:21 AM Live Feeds change to: BIG BROTHER ALL-STARS COMING SOON! The competitions, evictions and Live Feeds are back. STREAM THE PREMIERE LIVE WEDNESDAY AUGUST 5 * 9/8C -Scott3325
9:42 AM PT9:34 AM Live Feeds change to: BIG BROTHER ALL-STARS Be the first to meet the Houseguests! STREAM LIVE WEDNESDAY JULY 29 12PM ET/9AM PT -Scott3325
4:30 AM PTNew "BIG BROTHER" logo now broadcasting on the Live Feeds with a constantly moving "bubble" background and music playing. -Scott3325
9:24 AM PTAcronyms and names used by Joker's Updaters... -ForumAdmin (Long Post, Read More...)
11:54 PM PTYou have reached the end of the BB Updates forum. Older updates can be found in our archives...
Archives for older updates are located HERE -ForumAdmin
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