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Joker's Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
8:01 PM PT(TV) And with's a wrap. From all of us live feeders to all of you that read the live updates, thank you and we will see you back soon. BB Canada will be next! OUT! -NoleJP
8:00 PM PT(TV) Finale show closes with Julie inviting everyone to submit for next years season. -NoleJP
7:57 PM PT(TV) Julie confirms that the top vote getters for Americas Favorite HG was Tyler and Da'Vonne and with 1 million votes, Da'Vonne takes home BB22 Americas Favorite. -NoleJP
7:57 PM PT(TV) Cody is informed by Julie that he won unanimously 9-0 and it was only the 2nd time in BB history (BB10 Dan Gheesling). -NoleJP
7:56 PM PT(TV) Julie confirms that Big Brother will be back next summer 2021 -NoleJP
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October 27, 5:40:40 to 5:46:30 PM (Cam 3/4) Tuesday
Nicole F asks Cody to paint her fingernails on her right hand
October 19, 11:11pm (Cam 1/2) Monday
Nic starts laughing so hard she pees in her pants and it gets on the kitchen floor. BB shows a close up of the kitchen floor on Cam 3
October 19, 12:46:00 to 12:49:10 AM (Cam 3/4) Monday
Cody takes pictures of Enzo in HOH bed with his "Showmance" Moolan...
October 14, 1:28:17 to 1:29:15 PM (Cam 1/2) Wednesday
NicF/ Cody convo about blindsiding
October 11, 12:58:26 to 1:03:54 AM (Cam 3/4) Sunday
Memphis & Christmas interact in a dark Key BR...
October 9, 2:59:00 to 3:00:25 PM (Cam 1/2) Friday
Christmas opens door when Enzo is in WC...
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