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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
2:21 AM PTJackson says to Holly, there is no reason I should get more compliments from Kat then you. -silverspoons
2:20 AM PTHolly says Tommy is a neutral safe haven. Holly says Tommy does not gossip and he cares. he checked on me 2 times today -silverspoons
2:19 AM PTHolly says I am not as bad as you are making me out to be in your head. -silverspoons
2:18 AM PTHolly says the words are not ill intent. He says you said the words. Holly says besides puffy and what I said last night, what have I said. Jackson says you have to work on how you talk. Holly says she will work on complimenting him. He says vocalize it -silverspoons
2:17 AM PTJackson says he broke up with a girl after 3.5 years , over night, done. Same reason, He needs head space. He says look 24 hours later I am giving you conversation. Holly says I am still learning. Jackson says break the cycle , make the change -silverspoons
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