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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
4:12 AM4:03 AM Matt up & to WC, wash hands & face, KT for snack, stands & eats, back to bed next to Raven in Rose BR at 4:13 AM. -Scott3325
2:14 AMMark rejoins Elena in the bed -NikkiMirage
2:12 AMMark still has his mic on in the WC and you can hear him relieving himself -NikkiMirage
2:12 AMMark pours himself one last glass of milk before heading to the WC -NikkiMirage
2:08 AMMark then continuously gets his hand stuck in the can of nuts reaching for a certain kind. When he's had his fill he makes himselfpb&j english muffin and a glass of milk, admiring his ass in the mirror as he returns the milk to the fridge. Alex still watching but in bed now -NikkiMirage
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