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Joker's Big Brother Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
9:50 PM PTTyler, Kaycee and Angela in the kitchen snacking and chatting....mostly about food and their diets. -NJCathie
9:48 PM PTBrett enters the back yard making his deep throated matting calls and he gets to the hammock and jumps on top of both Haleigh and JC. JC pushing off telling him he smells, but Haleigh says he smells nice. -NJCathie
9:43 PM PTL6 have all moved away from hammock time into the kitchen, leaving Scottie, JC and Haleigh chatting. No game talk, just chatting. JC wants Haleigh to tell him a story and she obliges. -NJCathie
9:39 PM PTTyler, Kaycee and Faysal is scavenging in the kitchen for food. Faysal grabbed something and it looked like he headed towards the back bedrooms. -NJCathie
9:34 PM PTSam is still in the shower. -NJCathie
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Aug 14 (Premiere) Carter
Aug 15 (Premiere) Real Housewives of Dallas
Aug 15 (New) Raising Tourette's
Aug 16 (Premiere) Nightwatch Nation
Aug 16 (Finale) Alone