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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
7:13 PMMarissa sounds as if she has the POV. stay tuned though -Karma_Elecktra
7:02 PMFeeds. No indication who won the veto comp; Veto necklace is hanging on the memory wall. -Dolffie
6:16 PM6:15 PM Playful Puppies at 4 hours. -Scott3325
6:02 PM(NL) At the end of the Sat night episode, the HOH competition began --"Rocky Mountain Fly" at the Mount BB ski resortMark, Marissa, Ross & Ariadna have to stand on skis and hold on to 2 ski poles/ropes on a semi-pulley system. They raise into the air and all of them will move up and down the yard (like a ski lift). Whoever stays on the skis the longest wins HOH. Episode ends with all 4 still on their skis. -NoleJP
5:16 PM5:15 PM Sleepy Kitties at 3 hours. -Scott3325
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