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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
10:52 AM ETHamza is outside with Johnny & Will and he is ranting about Jesse. He says I am going with my gut feeling and I am getting him out. -susanr342
10:15 AM ETJohnny & Will are outside. Will says he thinks Hamza is going to take Jesse off the block and put Ryan up. Isn't it stupid. -susanr342
10:12 AM ETHamza talking to himself after Olivia leaves says everyone is so fake. You haven't talked to me for 2 weeks in the game and now you want to cut me a deal. I think Jesse is also fake. He is so fake. -susanr342
10:06 AM ETHamza tells her to chill. Olivia tells her that she was calm but then she heard that Jesse was already rallying against her. Hamza says he heard from a lot people that they felt uneasy about how Jesse was doing that. -susanr342
10:05 AM ETHamza says when I put you and him on the block I do it to show people who can handle the block and who is going to go around screaming and freaking on the block like getting mad. Olivia says it worked. Hamza says if the player self destructs then they are walking out the door. That is my whole point -susanr342
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