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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
4:29 AMDerrick and Victoria head in to the house. He pees, she picks a pimple. He says goodnight. She continues to fuss in the bathroom NT
4:29 AMDerrick drills Victoria about Frankie. Is he a good kisser? She won't answer, then finally, after saying they were fast kisses, admits he is a good kisser. He ribs her about Frankie then kissing Brittany - she says, "at least he kissed me first." He then ribs her again and says, "and after he kissed her too." She says, "true, that's disgusting."
4:27 AMVictoria is actually playing the game. She notices a lot. She says that she realizes Derrick is a good guy and everyone comes tohim with their problems and trusts him and worries that him and he is a "player". He is trying to talk around her and say he is only being himself and he is down with that. He says the only person he knows and trusts in there is her. That Cody is not his best friend, Zach is. Hayden too. He has no ally, except for her.
4:21 AMVictoria telling Derrick that he reminds her of Dan. Derrick is trying to downplay his game to Victoria. NT
4:17 AMDerrick: "I'm only doing game moves when necessary." NT
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Posts in BB News & Rumors (More)
7/23/14The Houseguests on Romance Unaired Footage
7/23/14Big Brother Season 16 Episode 12 Recap: Welcome The Detonators
7/22/14BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Tongue Tied
7/22/14Devin discusses life inside, outside of the Big Brother house
Posts in BB Highlights (More)
7/22/14Summary of Monday Morning thru 1:00PM; Lots of pre- and post- Veto meeting jockeying.
7/21/14Victoria used the veto on herself. Cody named Donny the replacement nominee after promising Donny he would not go on the block.
7/21/14The fitness trackers have been updated. Brittany is now in the lead with almost 14 miles walked. Bottom 4 are Caleb, Derrick, Nicole, Amber
7/19/14Victoria won veto. Donny is the likely replacement nom. Zach won a trip to Germany. Caleb won $5k. Nicole has to wear some sort of unitard. Brit has
Posts in BB Media (More)
7/23/14Jocasta Gives Caleb Advice on Amber - Jocasta tries to give Caleb advice on Amber, but she's a bit hard to understand
7/23/14Three Guys, One Bed - Live Feed Highlight - Cody, Frankie and Zach share the HoH bed
7/23/14Calling Out The Liars - Live Feed Highlight - Some of the ladies hang out in the backyard and call out Hayden for lying to them earlier
7/23/14What Animal Would You Be? - Live Feed Highlight
Posts in BB Alumni (More)
7/18/14"Mr. PEC-Tacular" and stars of IMPACT Wrestling ready for Slugger Field
7/18/14HYSTERICAL VIDEO of two ABC News Anchors introducing Jessie for their show. It sounds like they're introducing a Movie Star like Brad Pitt. Haha
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