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Joker's Big Brother Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
8:34 PM PTWinston hopes Bayleigh goes onto Dermatology school and becomes a doctor wishes her luck. She don't think he is going on Thursday. He says he will go on like he is. BA convo ending -LiZinTeXaS
8:32 PM PTBayleigh speculating on if Swaggy is in sequester waiting for a battle back. Says over last few days she has learned so many game secrets. Not a sweet little game! -LiZinTeXaS
8:29 PM PTWinston is upset because Scottie is throwing his name out there. Bayleigh reminds him of the threat Winston made to Scottie. Winston explains why he was so angry. Blindsided. -LiZinTeXaS
8:28 PM PTBayleigh says as bad as it was for Brett last night people are also onto Kaitlyn and she is just going to sit back and let her do her thing. -LiZinTeXaS
8:26 PM PTBayleigh says keeping Brett keeps a target ahead of others. Keeping Winston means he isn't coming after them. Bayleigh says come back story is in his favor. He promises Bayleigh won't be his nom. -LiZinTeXaS
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