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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
5:55 PM ETLiv and Johnny in the catacomb. Johnny asks Liv where she stands with Derek. That Derek said he doesn't talk game with Liv, he more so does with Ali. Liv says she doesn't really only because I don't know if I totally trust him, so I give him very little... -MyBestBud (Long Post, Read More...)
5:10 PM ETMaddy and Paras in the white room. Paras tells Maddy that she is studying because yesterday was an eye opener. Maddy says what are we going to do. Paras says she thinks it's not a bad idea to try to get Johnny to put up Liv. Paras thinks by doing... -MyBestBud (Long Post, Read More...)
4:25 PM ETFeed 1/2 - Showed the HG's sunning all day. -MyBestBud
4:19 PM ET4:17 in the house. Maddy and Will in kitchen talking about when they were kids. Johnny and I think Paras outside sleeping in the sun. -MyBestBud
11:49 AM ETEarlier this morning, Johnny and Will outside. Johnny said, oh man, I don't want to miss out on next week. Will said, next week, are you saying if you go home. Johnny said ya. Will said, I got faith. Johnny said, wouldn't it be hilarious if Derek used the... -MyBestBud (Long Post, Read More...)
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Apr 22 (Premiere) Into the Badlands
Apr 23 (Finale) UnREAL
Apr 24 (Encore) Roseanne
Apr 24 (Finale) Married at First Sight
Apr 25 (Premiere) My Partner Knows Best