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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
2:51 PMJames: I have 140 days in here, I've played with some of the best players. I know your game Paul. You are a house player. -Iris
2:51 PMNicole says to Natalie that Paul never came to them & they never said that he did. -Tigrress
2:50 PMJames and Paul discussing how things that DID NOT happen get brought up as if they did happen. -Iris
2:50 PMJames claims that Paul proved he was shady when he told Corey that Paul wanted Corey to be put OTB. Paul asks how is that being shady when he told Corey that's what he wanted for strategic reasons. (Nicole arrives, agrees & leaves.) -Tigrress
2:50 PMJames: Your buddy buddy with Nicole/Corey, you jumped ship since the PoV. -Iris
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