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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
7:15 PMJason talking to Clay in BY telling him that he doesn't think he can get Liz/Austin to flip in order for him to stay. Clay saysthis move was not good for them but they was nothing they could do. Jason tells him that Vanessa implied that Clay/Shelli was responsible for him being nominated and Becky is against them. Clay thinking and their talk continues. -jaguar3
7:01 PMSteve asked James if he wanted to stretch before they ran. James responds "stretching is for girls". James then says phewsomething about ice cream (didn't really catch that). Steve asks: Do you want to wait?. James responds, " Waiting is for girls too". Steve then says. "Well, BB must be for girls too because there has been a whole lot of waiting" (ed LOL) -jaguar3
6:45 PMSteve says he was put in the house to be that "weird, quirky kid". James says "Oh that's great, so I'm the ***hole." -BB6FANATIC
6:42 PMJames said the DR asked him about Steve showering with his swimming trunks on. BB says they are not allowed to talk about DR. -BB6FANATIC
6:35 PMJason tells Steve he will probably be in the final 5 easily. -BB6FANATIC
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